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Artificial Intelligence May Offer Benefits to Oral Health Professionals


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into dental practices is revolutionizing oral health diagnostics and patient engagement, as highlighted in studies cited in the Journal of Dental Sciences. AI algorithms applied to digital imaging systems allow dentists to rapidly analyze X-rays, detecting issues such as dental caries, bone loss, and infections. These algorithms annotate specific areas of interest, offering tailored treatment recommendations for each patient and becoming part of the clinician’s workflow. Patients benefit from AI-generated overlays that add color and quantification, improving their understanding of their oral health. AI is also transforming administrative processes through virtual assistants and chatbots, streamlining scheduling, reminders, insurance claims, and payments. Looking ahead, AI holds the promise of predictive healthcare by analyzing vast patient data, predicting potential health risks, and enabling proactive disease prevention. Click here to read more.

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