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When Inflammation Remains Post-Periodontal Therapy


Highly regarded periodontists—Stephen K. Harrel, DDS; Michael P. Rethman, DDS, MS; Charles M. Cobb, DDS, PhD; John S. Sottosanti, DDS; and Lee N. Sheldon, DMD—recently published a Guest Editorial in the Journal of the American Dental Association on the need for clinical recommendations regarding the treatment of patients who continue to experience inflammation after non-surgical periodontal therapy (NSPT) has been completed. The authors note the cause of this unresolved inflammation is often calculus left behind during NSPT, which can be terribly difficult to catch without a periodontal videoscope or endoscope. The authors have written extensively on this subject (click here and here to read their papers published in Decisions in Dentistry) but are now calling for organized dentistry to create clinical guidelines to address the issue of resistant periodontal inflammation. Click here to read more.

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