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New Research Looks at Most Effective Interventions for Acute Dental Pain


A new study that incorporated a systematic review and a network meta-analysis took a deep dive into what treatments work best to address acute dental pain, and the results may be surprising. The team from McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, discovered that ibuprofen (200 to 400 mg) plus acetaminophen (500 to 1,000 mg); acetaminophen (650 mg) plus oxycodone (10 mg); and ibuprofen (400 mg); and naproxen (400 to 440 mg) provided the best results. These conclusions were made based on moderate- and high-certainty evidence. With only one opioid on the list (oxycodone), this is good news as the United States continues to struggle to control its opioid epidemic. Click here to read more.

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