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Vaccination Is the Key to Defeating the Resurgence of Polio


As more Americans refuse vaccinations long administered to combat deadly viruses, polio has returned. Found in New York state, London, and Jerusalem, the polio virus is currently circulating after years of dormancy brought about by widespread immunization. The polio virus is typically spread through contact with feces, and can cause sickness, paralysis, and death. It is transmitted easily because many infected individuals do not present with any symptoms, while others develop mild flu-like symptoms. Because the virus can reach the spinal cord, paralysis is sometimes seen; however, this is a rare complication. The most effective strategy to eradicating polio is through immunization. For those unsure of whether they have received the polio vaccine, it will show up on their vaccine records as either IPV (inactivated poliovirus vaccine) or OPV (oral poliovirus vaccine). Click here to read more.

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