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BioMin Donates 960 Tubes of Toothpaste to Dentist’s COVID-19 Campaign

BioMin Technologies Ltd has donated 960 tubes (10 cartons) of BioMin™ F to support a young London dentist collecting oral health products to deliver to hospitals, care homes and homeless shelters during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Victoria Sampson, BDS, has appealed to the dental industry to donate oral health products for her to take into local care homes and hospitals. BioMin Technologies has answered her call with a substantial donation of 10 cartons of BioMin F toothpaste.

She writes, ‘I have been carrying out research with the Eastman and Whittington Hospital into oral health and its relationship to COVID-19 complications. People have been talking about risk factors – obesity, diabetes, hypertension – and they are all linked to gum disease. All these risk factors for COVID-19 are also associated with altered microbiology in the mouth, and my paper concludes that improving your oral hygiene may reduce your risk of developing complications with COVID-19.”

In addition to the substantial donation from BioMin Technologies, Sampson has had deliveries from other companies and promises from more. Her own practice, 38 Devonshire Street, has given a generous donation, and Victoria wants to make regular trips to local care homes and homeless shelters with supplies. For this she will need ongoing donations.

If as a practice or a dental company you have samples or products you can donate to Sampson’s appeal, please contact her either by email: drvictoriasampson@hotmail.com or through Instagram @drvictoriasampson



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