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VOCO introduces Meron Plus QM


VOCO, Indian Land, South Carolina, has  introduced Meron Plus QM, a paste-to-paste resin-modified glass ionomer cement in VOCO’s QuickMix syringe.

Featuring almost twice the adhesive value than the leading brand, Meron Plus QM’s ability to accept a tack-cure (5-10 second) enables quick and easy clean-up of excess material. Its QuickMix Syringe and paste-to-paste formalization ensure easy delivery. Its significantly higher adhesive values to both dentin and high strength ceramics provide a secure and reliable hold even in unfavorable conditions such as those encountered with short cores, according to the company

The adjustable working time of up to 2 minutes offers sufficient time for the cementation of both individual restorations and bridges.

For more information, visit: vocoamerica.com.

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