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Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future Eighth Annual Summit Calls for Implementation of Policy Shifts to Increase Caries Prevention and Control


Stop Caries NOW for a Cavity-Free Future


MADRID, 31 August 2017 – Today, the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF) held its eighth annual Summit at the FDI World Dental Congress today to deliver an initial report from an innovative and international ‘Policy Lab’ meeting, addressing methods for accelerating a policy shift towards increased resource allocation for caries prevention and control. The Congress gathered in Madrid at IFEMA – Feria de Madrid.

During the Summit, five leading oral health professionals and advocates provided perspectives on a variety of topics, including government policy, caries prevention, and existing ACFF initiatives, among additional discussions to emphasize methods to overcome obstacles and barriers to halt caries disease initiation and progression. Speakers include:

  • Nigel Pitts, FRSE, BDS, Ph.D., FDS, RCS (Eng), FDS, RCS (Edin), FFGDP (UK), FFPH, Global Chairman of the ACFF and Director of the Dental Innovation and Translation Centre, King’s College London Dental Institute
  • Jaime Edelson, DDS, Co- Chair of the Fundación ADM IAP (Mexican Dental Association Foundation) with support from Congressman Juan Gabriel Corchado of Mexico City
  • Svante Twetman, DDS, PhD, Odont Dr, Co-chair, ACFF Pan-European Chapter, pediatric dentist and Professor of Cariology at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Christopher Vernazza, PhD, NIHR Clinician Scientist/Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry at Newcastle University, UK

 “Having the opportunity to showcase our work in Europe to global leaders in oral health is just one of the numerous ways The Alliance is supporting our efforts to create a cavity-free future for children all over the world,” said Twetman.

 During the Summit, Edelson presented key learnings from Mexico City’s “Mandatory Daily Brushing Bill” and similar national initiatives moving the country towards a preventive mentality. “The bill is just one success story of many that we’re seeing, and it will reach more than one million public school students during the school year,” said Edelson. In fact, this disruptive initiative has reached 1.2 million children, educating them about the importance of taking care of their health and the need to establish good habits, such as brushing their teeth after a meal. These good habits will change their future, supported by teachers and families to ensure that children follow through.

 The Alliance Summit was underscored by a lively discussion about the importance of educating and activating the many different stakeholders involved in improving oral health,” said Pitts. “We are particularly excited by the outcomes of the recent ‘Policy Lab’ on accelerating policy shifts toward caries prevention and control; today’s event showed the need to address those who do not have access to care as well those who have access to care that is no longer appropriate as it is too focused on surgery.” 

Speakers discussed the need to take a “glo-cal” (global and local) approach to solutions by examining global evidence while being mindful of the context and culture of each country and region when implementing actions. This approach must be coupled with the engagement of multiple stakeholder groups, increased understanding of the Caries Puzzle and health economics to progress quickly towards a Cavity-Free Future.

 For more information about the work of the ACFF, visit www.AllianceForACavityFreeFuture.org 

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