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Palmero Announces X-Ray Apron Recycle/Trade-in Program


Palmero Healthcare, a Hu-Friedy subsidiary, is pleased to announce our latest green initiative, Palmero’s X-Ray Apron Recycling Program.

We are committed to environmental responsibility. It’s a key component of our core values and an extension of our mission to protect patients, clinicians, and the practice to include the environment as well.

Our new eco-friendly and environmentally responsible program rewards participants for supporting greener dentistry! We know that lead aprons have a useful life as their shielding properties wear down gradually. Proper maintenance includes either checking via fluoroscopy or replacing if they show any signs of damage. According to the EPA, recycling lead aprons is the preferred method since it keeps lead out of landfills. Now you can go green with our environmentally friendly X-Ray Apron Recycle/Trade-in Program. All materials will be responsibly disposed of and all lead liners will be properly distributed for processing back to base material.

If you are only looking for a method of responsible disposal we are happy to accommodate, however we hope you will take part in our Trade-In Program and benefit from a complementary apron hanger that will help protect your investment in safety through proper storage.

RECYCLE 1 X-Ray Apron, RECEIVE 1 FREE Apron Hanger

  1. Purchase a new Palmero x-ray apron.
  2. Collect old or unwanted X-ray apron of any brand.
  3. Contact Customer Service for a Return of Authorization Number (RA#) to register for recycling.
  4. Submit invoice with RA# via Fax 203.377.8988 or email customerservice@palmerohealth.com. Include ship to address, phone, and email.
  5. Ship your old apron with RA# for responsible disposal to: Palmero Healthcare LLC Attn: X-Ray Recycle/Trade-In Program 120 Goodwin Place Stratford, CT 06615
  6. Acquire a new x-ray apron hanger, an $18.00 retail value for your participation!

We also released our new 2017 product catalog in conjunction with a newly formatted website. Please visit palmerohealth.com.

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