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Jersey City, NJ TAUB Products is celebrating their 65th year in business. The company, formerly known as George TAUB Products and Fusion Company Inc,  is now in its third generation of family management. Led by Jordan Taub, vice president of Taub Products, and Ed Matthews vice president of sales, TAUB Products continues to provide the dental and dental laboratory markets with new and innovative products for esthetic dentistry.

From indirect restorations to full mouth reconstruction, TAUB Products continually offer the best results. A good example is Fusion-Zr Resin Cements. These esthetic cements enable dentists to practice with their best technique, while featuring ease of use, and fast cleanup. “My patients expect my restorations to pop,” says Ross Nash, DDS, of the Nash Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina. “They can’t just be good; they need to be the best. I get that with Fusion Zr. Resin Cements.”

Featured photo courtesy of Alek_Koltukov/iStock/Thinkstock
Featured photo courtesy of Alek_Koltukov/iStock/Thinkstock

TAUB also offers Zero-G Bio-Implant Cement. According to Jordan Taub, “Zero-G is a retrievable cement for permanent cementation of implant restorations. It has the highest radiopacity, which makes excess cement more visible while maintaining high-quality esthetic values. Its handling characteristics allow easy cleanup and the best results no matter how you practice.” 

 TAUB launched two major new products in 2016. The first was Ca-Lok™ Flowable Adhesive Calcium Base/Liner. Ca-Lok is a light-cured, calcium-filled resin with adhesive properties, which are tooth integrating, allowing the material to stay in place. The second was Go-CHx™ Gel syringeable chlorhexidine. It is a thin, non-alcohol-based gel containing 0.8% chlorhexidine in a water-soluble formula for cleaning and scrubbing restorations.

 TAUB Products provides innovative, high quality solutions for dental professionals. For more information on TAUB and its products, call 800-828-2634, or go to taubdental.com.

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