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Pac-Dent ownership acquires Gingi-Pak to enhance product portfolio


Pac-Dent International, Inc., founded in 1992, and has since earned its reputation as one of the best and reliable dental manufacturers and wholesalers in the dental industry, announced today that it has acquired 100% of the common and preferred stocks from Belport Co., Inc., the parent company of Gingi-Pak.

Founded in 1955, and headquartered in Camarillo, California, Gingi-Pak has been a leader in soft tissue management product manufacturing, and earned a reputation as “the experts in soft tissue management”.  Its main product lines include three major categories: retraction cord, anesthetic topical and hemostatic liquid. In addition, Gingi-Pak produces cord packing instruments and hydrocolloide impression material.

“By joining forces with Gingi-Pak, Pac-Dent can harness the knowledge and expertise of the Gingi-Pak team to better serve the loyal Gingi-Pak customers, who will benefit from significantly enhanced production and logistics capabilities, new product development, as well as a wider array of services”, said Michael Nordahl, V. P. of Business Development of Pac-Dent International, Inc. “We welcome the Gingi-Pak team to Team Pac-Dent.”  With the considerably enhanced business prospects and opportunities, the new Gingi-Pak will solidify market share gains into the future.

“We envision incredible synergies between Pac-Dent and Gingi-Pak, including leveraging Gingi-Pak’s manufacturing of certain key products and Pac-Dent’s strong regulatory expertise,” added Mr. Nordahl.

Pac-Dent plans to operate Gingi-Pak as a stand-alone business and to continue to promote the company’s growing portfolio of soft-tissue management products.

Ms. Patricia Bell, the former President of Gingi-Pak, is very happy to see that Gingi-Pak, a company she inherited from her husband with more than 60 years of history, “now has a new and bright future”.  She thanks her loyal employees for their contributions throughout the years, and congratulates them on the company transition with tremendous potential for growth and opportunities.

“Pac-Dent has demonstrated its passion for excellence through persistent commitment to serving the needs of dental professionals and patients for more than 24 years,” said Ms. Patricia. “Gingi-Pak will draw on Pac-Dent’s impressive manufacturing and logistical resources to strengthen the solid foundation that Gingi-Pak has built.”

Pac-Dent International, Inc. serves its customers through state-of-the-art manufacturing, strong research and development capabilities, innovative approach to lean operations, and superior customer service by constantly adapting to market / customer needs.

About Pac-Dent International, Inc.

Pac-Dent International, Inc. offers some of the highest quality of dental products on the market today.  Since 1992, Pac-Dent has provided superior services and products to customers and has assisted them in achieving their goals.  Pac-Dent’s persistent commitment to excellence has earned it the reputation as one of the best and reliable dental product manufacturers and distributors in the dental industry.

At Pac-Dent International, Inc., the customers receive the kind of quality and service expected from the best. Pac-Dent is always evolving as the needs of the customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market.  Pac-Dent International, Inc. always goes the extra mile for the customers.

Working with Pac-Dent, customers can enjoy the latest technologies, best services, highest quality, and greatest value in the industry.

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