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This Month’s Features

Competence in Endodontic Treatment Planning And Prognosis

Following an accurate diagnosis, careful treatment planning will enhance the delivery of appropriate endodontic care and lead to optimal outcomes.

Evaluating Dental Asepsis Programs

Ongoing assessment of office protocols will reinforce optimal infection control practices and help identify areas that need improvement.

Rescuing Failed Inferior Alveolar Nerve Blocks

The use of periodontal ligament injections can help overcome failed blocks and/or accessory innervation.

Review of Anterior Restorations for Primary Teeth

An overview of indications and options for restoring deciduous dentition in the esthetic zone.

Continuing Education

Treating Patients With Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke

The oral health consequences of these common conditions warrant special care strategies.

Dental Screening for Human Immunodeficiency Virus

The goal of HIV testing in the dental setting is to link infected individuals with the proper medical care.

Decision Making in Managing Excess Gingival Display

Clinicians can choose various treatments for managing gummy smile, and etiology will help determine which approach is best indicated.

Emergency Airway Management During Moderate Sedation

An exploration of proposed alternative protocols for handling compromised airways during pediatric moderate sedation without an established IV line.


Editor’s Note

Veggies, Gut Bacteria And The Oral Microbiome

At present, there is a fairly broad agreement that chronic (as opposed to acute) inflammation is bad for your health.

At a Glance

Responding to Pediatric Dental Trauma

From falls learning to walk to sports injuries and accidents, kids are at risk of injuring their teeth and gingiva.

Products and Services

KOL Forum: Grandio Blocs From VOCO

Nanoceramic Hybrid Block Offers Clinical Versatility and Excellent Performance.

KOL Forum: Anutra local anesthetic delivery system from Anutra Medical

Buffering Offers Profound, Rapid and Predictable Pain Management.

Newsline + Industry Info

CDC Maps Every State’s Fight Against AR

Antibiotic resistance (AR) investments are working, but there’s more work to be done to combat AR, according to a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report.


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