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Product Profile: TheraCal LC, All-Bond Universal and Duo-Link Universal

Calcium silicate liner and universal materials are ideal for restorative cases.


theracal-lcTHERACAL LC

  • A light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate material, TheraCal LC is ideal for direct and indirect pulp capping.
  • This versatile product can also be used as a protective base or liner.
  • TheraCal LC’s significant calcium release stimulates*1 hydroxyapatite and secondary dentin bridge formation;2,3 it also promotes healing and apatite formation.2,4
  • In addition, it protects and insulates the pulp.5,6
  • Moisture tolerant1 and radiopaque, it can be placed under restorative materials and cements.




  • Indicated for total-, self- and selective-etch techniques, Bisco’s All-Bond Universal allows clinicians the versatility to simplify their adhesion protocols.
  • Offering the convenience of single-bottle application, the product can be used on wet, moist or dry tooth structure.
  • It’s designed to provide strong, dependable bonds to all substrates.
  • All-Bond Universal virtually eliminates postoperative sensitivity.




  • Specially formulated for cementing indirect restorations, this adhesive resin cement is highly radiopaque and offers easy cleanup.
  • Ideal for all CAD/CAM restorative materials, the Duo-Link Universal system kit contains all the components needed for cementation, including primers.
  • This material provides predictable curing in either light-cure or self-cure modes, thus ensuring strong, long-lasting restorations.


Indicated for pulp capping or use as a base or liner, TheraCal LC is formulated to encourage healing2,4 and promote apatite formation.2,3 This versatile material is complemented by Bisco’s All-Bond Universal and Duo-Link Universal systems, which offer predictable, long-lasting adhesion in direct or indirect restorative procedures.


* Calcium release data for Theracal LC on file at Bisco.

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