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Product Profile: SonicFill 2

Improved bulk-fill material enhances esthetics and offers proven performance.



  • Featuring an improved formula with patented sonic-activated technology, Kerr’s SonicFill 2 builds on the award-winning performance of its predecessor by allowing easy and reliable single-fill placement
  • Can be used to fill preps up to 5 mm deep in a single increment
  • Does not require use of a liner or capping layer
  • By greatly simplifying and streamlining restorations, it transforms tedious, repetitive posterior cases into much faster — and more profitable — procedures
  • Special rheological modifiers in SonicFill 2 react to the sonic energy applied through the handpiece during placement and reduce the material’s viscosity up to 84%, allowing adaptation similar to a flowable material
  • This temporary change in viscosity ensures intimate adaptation between the composite and bonded surface
  • Retaining the low shrinkage stress and high depth of cure of the original version, the new SonicFill 2 filler system contains nano-scale zirconium oxide and silica oxide particles
  • Kerr’s improved formulation ensures highly esthetic outcomes, with superior color matching and excellent gloss
  • At the same time, the new nano-formula offers improved polishability and wear resistance to meet the key requirements of a successful bulkfill procedure


A leading bulk-fill composite with unique sonic-activated technology, Kerr’s SonicFill 2 simplifies posterior restorations by allowing clinicians to place material in a single increment in preps up to 5 mm deep. Used in more than 8 million restorations, it offers proven clinical performance that meets the key requirements for a successful bulk fill — including excellent adaptation, high depth of cure, long-lasting marginal integrity, superior strength and great esthetics.

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