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Product Profile: LOCATOR R-Tx from Zest Anchors

Next-generation removable attachment system offers practical clinical benefits.



LOCATOR R-Tx from Zest Anchors

The denture attachment housing’s new pink anodization improves esthetics in areas of thin denture acrylic.


  • Zest Anchors introduces the next generation of its LOCATOR attachment system — the LOCATOR R-Tx removable attachment, which it describes as a better, simpler and stronger system.
  • The LOCATOR R-Tx utilizes an esthetic DuraTec coating with multiple layers of titanium nitride and titanium carbon nitride. This increases strength and wear resistance, while reducing surface roughness.
  • The system incorporates a new, industry-standard 0.05-inch/1.25-mm hex drive mechanism that simplifies placement, and its small center cavity design reduces the area in which food and plaque can accumulate.
  • A special, dual-sided tool allows clinicians to easily insert or remove the LOCATOR R-Tx retention inserts.
  • Designed to resist edge deformation and allow efficient abutment/insert engagement, the nylon retention inserts engage dual retentive surfaces on the abutment’s exterior.
    A custom, all-in-one vial holds the abutment and processing components, providing all the parts needed for the case.
    A custom, all-in-one vial holds the abutment and processing components, providing all the parts needed for the case.
  • By not utilizing internal engagement, Zest Anchors’ design prevents debris and plaque from accumulating within the drive mechanism, which could impact proper seating.
  • The system also utilizes only one set of retention inserts, with straightforward retention values of zero, low, medium or high.
  • Compared to the previous design, enhancements to the abutment and retention insert work with a redesigned denture attachment housing to allow a 50% increase in pivoting capability (up to 60 degrees between two implants).
  • In addition, the abutment’s new coronal geometry offers a narrower leading edge and taperlike effect that allows the patient to more easily align and properly seat the overdenture.


Featuring an evolutionary design with practical clinical benefits, the LOCATOR R-Tx is the latest advance in Zest Anchors’ 40-year history of innovation. As a leader in implant-retained, tissue-supported overdenture attachments, the company has designed this new removable attachment system in a way that allows simplified placement by clinicians and patients alike.

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