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June 2021 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.



Clinician’s Choice (800-265-3444; clinicianschoice.com) has added True Dental Dams to its lineup. These dams can be easily punched, stretched and placed, and glide smoothly through contacts while offering exceptional durability and tear-resistance. The dams’ dark blue and purple colors provide enhanced visibility and better color contrast with dentition. The introduction of True Dental Dams is part of Clinician’s Choice clinical protocol to maximize infection prevention and help control oral fluids. These medium gauge, latex or latex-free dams are designed to provide the fit, seal and isolation required for optimal clinical results


In a move that’s sure to be welcomed by many 
clinicians, Practicon (800-959-9505; practicon.com) now offers ADDaSeal Adhesive Face Mask Strips. Described as a simple solution for common face mask problems, ADDaSeal strips can be disposed of with the mask, or reapplied on reusable face masks. An airtight seal is created by peeling and sticking the strips onto the nose bridge of any face mask. These strips feature medical-grade, hypoallergenic adhesive that gently adheres to the skin to keep masks in position, optimize filtration, and reduce annoying eyeglass fogging


The VisCalor Dispenser from VOCO (888-658-2584; voco.dental) is a composite capsule warming and application device designed for VOCO’s new two-in-one thermo-viscous VisCalor composite line. This ergonomically designed unit enables the rapid warming of VisCalor in 30 seconds, while maximizing working time to as much as 2 minutes, 30 seconds. The warmer uses near-infrared technology in tandem with VOCO’s newly designed unit dose capsules. The VisCalor Dispenser has a removable, autoclavable sheath to facilitate infection control, and features a lithium battery that can be easily charged via a mini USB cable.


DENTALEZ (866-383-4636; dentalez.com) has announced a new handpiece for its Aeras line, the Star Aeras 400 Flex. This instrument is designed to be compatible with KaVo’s MULTIFlex coupler, and provides clinicians with power and flexibility. This addition to the Star lineup offers dentists the maximum cutting power in a lightweight handpiece. Additional highlights include exceptional ease of navigation via a smaller head size; excellent balance and in-hand stability; and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. When used with a compatible RFID reader, this feature allows dentists to track and monitor inventory and enhance safety compliance. The Star Aeras 400 Flex features a multiport water spray, cool-spectrum LED illumination, in-office turbine replacements, and lube-free technology.


GCL Systems (833-425-4346; gclsystems.com) and Benco Dental (800-GOBENCO; benco.com) have partnered to expand the nationwide distribution of the GCL line of Gingival Cuff Links to dental practices. This collaboration will deliver dental implant soft tissue solutions that sculpt gingival soft tissue into natural emergence profiles. GCL Systems designed this provisional healing cuff to enable chairside customization for clinicians, resulting in fewer appointments for the patient and a more predictable ­treatment outcome.


Through a joint effort with Ziena Eyewear, Designs for Vision (800-345-4009; designsforvision.com) has debuted Aerosol Protection Loupes. This collaboration was initiated during the beginning of the pandemic when Designs for Vision was contacted by clinicians who wanted to incorporate protection from aerosols into their loupe setups. A surgeon from the U.K. suggested Moisture Chamber Glasses, which utilize a seal around the eye to aid dry eye syndrome. Designs for Vision contacted the manufacturer, Ziena Eyewear, and the partnership resulted in loupes featuring soft silicone inserts to provide a protective seal around the eyes. These inserts are connected to the frame via embedded magnets, so they are easy to remove and disinfect. The Aerosol Protection Loupes are offered in 2.5x, 3.0x and 3.5x magnifications, and will accommodate most prescriptions. The stylish frames are available in black or tortoise shell, and accept both wireless and wired headlights.

From Decisions in Dentistry. June 2021;7(6)45.

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