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January 2021 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.




VOCO (888-658-2584; vocoamerica.com) presents the VOCO Caps Warmer, a preheating unit for composite and nano-ORMOCER restorative unit-dose capsules. This compact device can easily warm a unit-dose capsule while it is loaded in a VOCO Caps Dispenser, and simultaneously warm four extra caps and two instruments, giving it a total of seven warming bays. Warming helps make composite and nano-ORMOCER restorative materials easier to extrude and manipulate. Furthermore, warmer, more viscous material will have a softer consistency, allowing it to better adapt to imperfections, micro-etch patterns or small fissures within the prep. In addition, warming an instrument will make sculpting a composite easier and more precise.


January 2021 Marketplace itemFOAMING HAND SANITIZER DEBUTS

Palmero Healthcare (800-344-6424; palmerohealth.com) has introduced a foaming hand sanitizer that is said to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria in just 30 seconds. The new Palmero hand sanitizer is based on a proprietary foaming formula that contains 62% ethyl alcohol. It is offered in a pump dispenser designed to deliver antimicrobial efficacy in a smaller measured dose. This is a fast and easy solution to support infection prevention in dental and home ­settings.



In sync with today’s renewed focus on infection prevention, Air Techniques (800-AIR-TECH; airtechniques.com) has taken the wraps off two new high-volume evacuators (HVEs). The HVE Air Protect XL and HVE Air Protect XL Plus are billed as effective solutions for aerosol mitigation in dental settings. The HVE Air Protect XL reportedly captures more aerosols than conventional HVEs thanks to its large 16-mm opening. In addition, the HVE Air Protect XL Plus has an ergonomic design with a unique rotating protective shield that easily adapts to any treatment situation. Each design has secondary air inlets to enhance protection against suction system backflow.



Elevate Oral Care (877-866-9113; elevateoralcare.com) has debuted a convenient packaging option for its Advantage Arrest silver diamine fluoride 38%. These new kits feature three 3-ml bottles, which allows offices to economically stock each operatory — enhancing asepsis, saving time, and providing treatment options that can help improve outcomes. According to the company, each drop of Advantage Arrest can treat up to five sites. In addition, effective January 1, 2021, the preventive use of silver diamine fluoride can now be reported under the new Current Dental Terminology D1355 primary prevention code.


January 2021 Marketplace itemPRECISION IRRIGATOR ON TAP

Vista Apex (877-418-4782; vistaapex.com) has acquired the rights to become the sole manufacturer of the popular Stropko Irrigator. Created by John Stropko, DDS, this irrigator is multidisciplinary device that allows precise control of air and water in any technique that requires irrigation or drying. It is especially useful while performing procedures with the surgical operating microscope, when precision and control are essential. The design eliminates uncontrolled splashing associated with traditional air/water syringe tips, which is a plus for infection control purposes.



Building on the success of its popular REBASE II, Tokuyama Dental (877-378-3548; tokuyama-us.com) has released REBASE III, the next generation of chairside hard denture reline material. Now offering enhanced mixability, extended handling time, and increased flexural strength, REBASE III is designed for all long-term complete and partial acrylic hard denture reline applications. Formulated to minimize bubble formation during mixing, the new material’s extended handling time ensures optimal viscosity for complete coverage of the entire denture base. In addition, its advanced monomer composition is less likely to cause irritation, while Tokuyama’s removal of harsh chemical odors and tastes (that are commonly associated with hard denture reline treatments) helps improve intraoral comfort.

From Decisions in Dentistry. January 2021;7(1):45.

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