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GrandioSO Heavy Flow from VOCO

High-viscosity universal composite offers unmatched clinical versatility.


High-Viscosity Universal Composite Offers Unmatched Clinical Versatility


  • VOCOGrandioSO Heavy Flow is an 83% filled, high-viscosity, nanohybrid universal flowable composite that offers exceptional physical properties compared to conventional flowables.
  • With its unique and wide-ranging indications, VOCO’s GrandioSO Heavy Flow is more accurately described as a composite that flows, rather than a flowable composite.
  • As a result, it has quickly become the material dentists turn to for both traditional and unique restorative solutions.
  • Featuring unmatched clinical versatility, this material is ideal for small Class I restorations where compressive strength and adaptability are crucial.
  • In addition, it is an excellent choice for small Class V restorations where packables are too sticky and conventional flowables are too runny.
  • It is also well suited for Class II restorations because the material’s ideal viscosity lets clinicians build an anatomically shaped wall that’s easy to pack against.
  • Offering high polishability, this universal composite’s physical properties include stability, adaptability, and impressive compressive and flexural strength. It also resists abrasion, shrinkage and wear.
  • In fact, these elevated physical properties allow it to support indications beyond Class I to Class V restorations. These include extended fissure sealing, blocking out undercuts, lining or coating cavities, repairing fillings and veneers, cementing translucent prosthetic pieces, and interlocking and splinting teeth with glass-fiber strands (GrandTEC) in orthodontics, periodontics, traumatology and more.
  • Boasting flexural strength over 400 MPa, initial shrinkage less than 3% (among the lowest in flowable composites), and one of the highest fill rates for flowables, GrandioSO Heavy Flow creates clinical opportunities that providers would never consider with conventional flowables.
  • Furthermore, these properties even compare favorably with many packable composites.
  • Available in 12 shades, GrandioSO Heavy Flow comes in VOCO’s patented non-runny and non-dripping (NDT) syringes, as well as caps.


VOCO’s GrandioSO Heavy Flow possesses unique physical properties that provide new solutions to age-old clinical challenges. Offering outstanding performance and handling, this nanohybrid universal flowable composite lets dentists confidently treat wide-ranging indications with one versatile material.


From Decisions in Dentistry. March 2019;5(3):45.

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