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Product Profile: EvoFill Duo from DiaDent

Motorized system aids root canal obturation.


Motorized System Aids Root Canal Obturation


  • EvoFill Duo is an advanced, cordless obturation system that consists of the EvoFill backfill obturation unit and EvoPack warm vertical compaction device.
  • Featuring three temperature settings to allow precise control of obturation flow, EvoFill’s motorized extrusion eliminates hand fatigue during root canal procedures.
  • The hygienic, single-use gutta-percha cartridge has a thin, bendable tip so operators can adjust it to the desired angle.
  • EvoPack features an innovative, light-guided plugger, plus adjustable time and temperature settings.
  • Its quick-heating tip reaches 250o Celsius within 1 second to save treatment time, and color-coded tips are available in five sizes, including XF, F, FM, M and ML.


Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the EvoFill Duo system from DiaDent helps clinicians achieve predictable obturation while minimizing hand fatigue during endodontic treatment. Visit http://bit.ly/EvoFill for additional information and a training video.

877-342-3368; diadent.com


From Decisions in Dentistry. August 2018;4(8):44.

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