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Product Profile: Syclone Amalgam Separator from Crosstex

Practice solutions for the new federal wastewater management rule.


Practice Solutions For The New Federal Wastewater Management Rule


  • Under the new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dental amalgam rule,1most dental practices are required to install either an ISO 11143:2008-certified amalgam separator or a certified ANSI/ADA Standard No.108 amalgam separator.
  • The Syclone amalgam separator from Crosstex supports compliance by removing more than 99% of mercury-containing amalgam from wastewater generated during dental treatment.
  • This level of performance far surpasses EPA requirements that stipulate at least 95% amalgam separation efficiency.
  • Offering easy installation, the Syclone features an ambidextrous design that eliminates additional costs associated with the possible need for plumbing reconfiguration.
  • Federal requirements state that new dental practices have 90 days to install an amalgam separator.
  • Existing offices that do not use amalgam separators have until July 14, 2020 to install a compliant unit.
  • Dental practices that already have an amalgam separating system have until July 14, 2027 to install a unit that meets all current requirements.
  • Made in the United States, the Syclone features an adaptable replacement canister that’s compatible with other systems.
  • Ideal for busy practices, Crosstex’s high-capacity canister extends the time between changes.
  • Additional advantages include ISO 11143:2008 certification by NSF International and an industry-leading 2-year warranty.2


Crosstex is committed to staying at the forefront of practice trends and providing quality solutions that meet the compliance needs of dental teams. Offering advanced and innovative technology, the Syclone amalgam separator effectively supports dental practices in meeting the new EPA ruling on amalgam separators for wastewater management.

888-276-7783; crosstex.com


  1. See the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulation “Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the Dental Category” for additional details.
  2. Terms and conditions apply.


From Decisions in Dentistry. August 2018;4(8):45.

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