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Nevada Considers Joining Interstate Licensure Compact


Nevada lawmakers are considering a new occupational license compact for dentists and dental hygienists, following the recent implementation of similar compacts for teachers and emergency medical services personnel. Proponents argue that such compacts facilitate professional mobility across states, easing the process for licensed individuals to practice in multiple jurisdictions. The proposed dental compact, developed by the National Center for Interstate Compacts (NCIC), aims to streamline licensing procedures and enhance workforce flexibility. While the dental compact requires participation from at least seven states to take effect, several states have already expressed interest, signaling potential progress in interstate collaboration. Advocates emphasize the benefits for military spouses, who often face challenges in transferring occupational licenses due to frequent relocations. Despite concerns raised by some labor unions in previous attempts to join occupational compacts, NCIC representatives assert that these agreements do not undermine labor rights or collective bargaining. As Nevada prepares to consider joining the dental compact during the 2025 legislative session, stakeholders anticipate potential benefits for dental professionals and improved access to care for residents. Click here to read more.

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