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Dental Care Provided at School Helps Low-Income Children Improve Their Oral Health

School-based programs that provide dental services to children from lower-income families are filling a need for many kids who have little to no access to dental care. A portable clinic initiative, developed by the New York University College of Dentistry in collaboration with local schools, provides comprehensive dental care, including sealant application and prophylaxes, to students in New Hampshire. Many large school districts offer such oral health programs. For example, Boston University provides dental care in 20 schools and 30 preschools in nine Massachusetts cities. Despite the success of these initiatives, challenges persist, including sustainability and funding limitations. However, there are promising signs of progress, such as a decline in untreated tooth decay in preschool children and increased utilization of preventive measures such as sealants. Efforts to integrate dental care into pediatric healthcare settings and Medicaid programs demonstrate a growing recognition of the importance of early oral health interventions. Click here to read more.
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