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Paralyzed Dental Hygienist Returns to Patient Care Thanks to Her Employer


Katja Delevar, RDH, a dental hygienist in Vancouver, Washington, faced a life-altering accident during a solo motorcycle ride in July 2022. Following a severe injury that left her a T6 paraplegic, with significant damage to her chest and back, Delevar underwent a grueling 3-month recovery period. Despite her physical challenges, Delevar was determined to return to her profession. To her surprise, her employer, Cascade Park Gentle Dental, not only welcomed her back but also made significant accommodations to ensure her comfort and ability to work effectively. These modifications included adjusting her workstation, switching equipment controls from foot pedals to hand pedals, and providing additional assistance as needed. Now back at work for nearly a year, Delevar aims to inspire others with disabilities to pursue their professional aspirations. Click here to read more.

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