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New Mobile App Helps Improve Oral Care for Patients With Dementia


University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics research, sponsored by the Delta Dental Institute, reveals that a mobile application, Dental.Aging.Tips, significantly enhances caregivers’ abilities to provide oral hygiene care for individuals living with dementia. Led by Leonardo Marchini, DDS, MSD, PhD, and Sato Ashida, PhD, the study demonstrates a remarkable increase in caregivers’ knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes toward oral care, resulting in heightened confidence in their caregiving role. The Dental.Aging.Tips app offers crucial support and training, addressing the challenges faced by caregivers in maintaining oral hygiene for older adults. Key findings underscore its effectiveness in improving perceptions and skills among both family and paid caregivers. With potential applications in long-term care facilities, this innovative tool signifies a pivotal advancement in dementia care. Supported by the Delta Dental Institute, this research underscores a commitment to enhancing health outcomes through accessible technology solutions. The research was published in Special Care in Dentistry. Click here to read more.

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