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Dental Loss Ratio Model Legislation Is Created for More Equitable Insurance Practices


The National Council of Insurance Legislators has endorsed model legislation for a dental loss ratio (DLR) in dentistry, collaborated on by the American Dental Association and the National Association of Dental Plans. This framework mandates dental insurance companies to allocate a set portion of premiums toward patient care, with penalties for underperformance and enhanced transparency requirements. The move responds to concerns about insurers retaining substantial premiums for administrative expenses, rather than directing funds to patient care. Inspired by Massachusetts’ pioneering implementation of a DLR, several states are now considering or have already introduced similar legislation. Nine states, including Illinois and New York, have initiated such bills in 2024. The model legislation establishes crucial provisions to ensure fair coverage and transparency, signaling a significant step toward equitable dental insurance practices across the nation. Click here to read more.

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