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Inflation Hurts Tooth Fairy’s Generosity


Delta Dental’s 2024 Original Tooth Fairy Poll discloses a 6% decrease in the average value of a lost tooth, marking the first year-over-year decline in Tooth Fairy giving in 5 years, with the value dropping from $6.23 to $5.84. Even the celebration of a first lost tooth saw a decline, from $7.29 to $7.09. While kids may lament this drop in compensation, the Tooth Fairy remains an effective tool to encourage good oral hygiene habits. The poll’s findings diverge from the economy’s trajectory, as the S&P 500 increased by 20% while tooth values decreased. Regional differences in tooth values also emerge, with the West leading at $8.54 and the Midwest trailing at $3.63. Conducted among 1,000 parents, the poll underscores shifting trends in Tooth Fairy generosity. Click here to read more.

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