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Nebraska Strives to Improve Dental Care Delivery for Medicaid Beneficiaries


Nebraska Medicaid, in collaboration with dental professionals statewide, plans significant enhancements to dental care effective January 1, 2024. The proposed changes target expanded services and increased efficiency for Medicaid beneficiaries and dental providers. Key modifications include eliminating the annual dental benefit maximum of $750 for adults, thus improving access for high-need members. The initiative also seeks to address the lengthy denture acquisition process by allowing dentists to be reimbursed incrementally for each step. Furthermore, Nebraska Medicaid aims to align its policy with commercial plans regarding asymptomatic wisdom tooth extraction, permitting coverage based on provider judgment. Additionally, starting in 2024, public health dental hygienists will be reimbursed for specific services provided to Medicaid members, enhancing dental access and overall oral health. Nebraska Medicaid emphasizes community involvement in shaping these changes and will conduct a public hearing on January 22, 2024, encouraging stakeholders to contribute feedback either through email or in person. Click here to read more.

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