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Surgical Intervention to Treat Obesity Leads to Higher Caries Risk


A study conducted at the University of Gothenburg found that individuals who undergo surgical treatment for severe obesity face an increased risk of dental caries and a decline in oral health. The research aimed to assess the oral health of individuals before and after obesity treatment, which included both surgical and medical interventions. Medical treatment encompassed lifestyle guidance, dietary therapy, medications, and support for increased physical activity. Surgical treatment, proven more effective for weight loss, has become increasingly popular due to the global obesity epidemic. The study, involving 118 participants with obesity, revealed a direct correlation between higher body mass index and an elevated risk of dental caries. Two years post-treatment, those who underwent surgery experienced a rise in caries lesions, while individuals receiving medical treatment showed a decrease. Even when accounting for socioeconomic status and other health conditions, the associations remained significant. Click here to read more.

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