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Gain the Feel of Latex and the Strength of Nitrile

Medicom’s Ocean Pacific NeoNatural gloves offer the best of both worlds for your dental team members.


In the realm of dental healthcare, where precision and hygiene are critical, the significance of quality medical examination gloves cannot be overstated. The efficacy of every dental procedure relies on the tactile sensitivity, durability, and integrity of the gloves being worn.

These seemingly unassuming, often overlooked aspects of personal protective equipment (PPE) hold a pivotal role in safeguarding both your dental team members and their patients.

When you order gloves for your practice’s clinical team, ensuring the right protection, comfort, and performance are paramount. Ocean Pacific NeoNatural™ gloves by Medicom combine the strength of nitrile with the great feel of latex gloves — without the irritation and possible allergic reaction that latex can cause.

Significant Advantages

Here are the top reasons why many dental practices are making Ocean Pacific NeoNatural their glove of choice.

The woooo effect. Polychloroprene gloves provide a “pampering” experience. They are incredibly soft, super stretchable, and they will lovingly conform to the unique shape of the clinician’s hands. Once users find the right size, they can say goodbye to hand fatigue and hello to a more comfortable experience, even during long dental procedures and/or those with repetitive movements.

Dexterity and precision. Ocean Pacific NeoNatural gloves offer a unique blend of enhanced tactile sensitivity and secure handling. The textured fingertips of these gloves support handling of instruments and those smaller components, ensuring procedures are not only precise but also safe.

Strong protection. The synthetic rubber material of Ocean Pacific NeoNatural gloves allow for a high level of tensile strength and protection and helps to prevent the glove from tearing during donning and doffing.

Chemical resistant. Do not be fooled by the comfort of these gloves. As soft as they are on the hands, they offer tough, consistent, reliable protection when handling chemical substances.

Making Each Day in the Dental Practice a Little Easier

Founded during the global human immunodeficiency virus crisis in 1988, Medicom was established to supply medical gloves in response to the shortage of this critical protection item for healthcare professionals. Since then, Medicom has evolved to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality, single-use infection prevention and control solutions.

For those who enable the dental team to create healthy and beautiful smiles, our proven, high-quality, single-use infection prevention and control solutions for PPE, sterilization, office essentials, and preventive care are thoughtfully designed for simplicity and comfort without compromising safety or clinical efficacy. ■


From Front Office Magazine. November/December 2023; 1(2):16

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