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Penn Researchers Discover a New Approach to Fighting Caries


The conventional approach to combatting caries — use of fluoride therapies — is not always effective enough at mitigating the bacteria responsible for tooth decay and preventing enamel demineralization. This challenge is particularly pronounced in high-risk populations where caries can progress rapidly and severely. A recent study led by Hyun (Michel) Koo, DDS, MS, PhD, from the University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with David Cormode, PhD, has revealed a promising solution to eliminating caries. Their research, published in Nature Communications, introduces a combination of ferumoxytol and stannous fluoride that demonstrates potent caries prevention. The study showed that ferumoxytol stabilizes stannous fluoride, enhances its catalytic activity, and forms a protective film on tooth enamel that shields against further demineralization. Importantly, this combination therapy does not disrupt the oral microbiota’s ecological balance and has no adverse effects on surrounding tissues. The researchers are excited about this multifaceted approach that addresses both the biological and physicochemical aspects of dental caries. Click here to read more.

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