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NSK America Launches the All-New Ti-Max Z2 Series of Air Turbine Handpieces


NSK America, the Japanese manufacturer of dental equipment, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking updates to the all-new Ti-Max Z2 Series of Air Turbine dental handpieces. Redefining the standards of dental care, the Ti-Max Z2 Series’ Z990L boasts a full 44 Watts of power for enhanced functionality, setting a new benchmark for precision and efficiency in dental procedures.

The Ti-Max Z2 Series—which includes the Z990L, Z890L, and Z micro—inherits the DNA of the renowned Z Series and undergoes an evolutionary leap to deliver unprecedented cutting power and performance. All three handpieces are equipped with NSK’s “DYNAMIC POWER SYSTEM” rotor technology. This technology provides smooth and consistent power delivery, even at high speeds. The handpieces are also equipped with air turbine technology, providing a more efficient airflow which results in less vibration and noise.

NSK’s relentless commitment to development and innovation has resulted in the optimal integration of air turbine technology, meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of clinicians worldwide.

Key Features of the Ti-Max Z2 Series of Air Turbine Handpieces:

Unprecedented 44W Power (Z990L): Revolutionary “DYNAMIC POWER SYSTEM” delivers unmatched cutting strength for efficient zirconia removal while minimizing patient discomfort.

Enhanced Chuck Mechanism: “DURAPOWER CHUCK” ensures a sustained grip, reducing bur slipping and enabling precise procedures.

Quick Stop Function: Halts high-speed rotation in 1 second, enhancing safety and efficiency during surgeries.

Improved Cleanability: Water circuit on turbine head side simplifies cleaning, maintaining optimal performance.

User-Replaceable Turbine: Hassle-free turbine replacement ensures fewer interruptions during treatment.

Easy-Access Head Angle: 100° angled head for efficient access to molars.

DURAGRIP Coating: Non-slip, scratch-resistant surface treatment for superior control and comfort.

Lightweight Titanium Body: High-strength, lightweight design enhances usability.

Built-In Water Filter: Prevents water clogging, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

NSK Dental is excited to showcase the Ti-Max Z2 Series with its three exceptional handpieces (Z990L, Z890L, and Z micro), during ADA and Greater New York events. Dental professionals will have the opportunity to experience the extraordinary capabilities of the Ti-Max Z2 Series firsthand at ADA Booth # 1439, and Greater New York Booth # 1211. The Ti-Max Z2 Series of Air Turbine Handpieces is available through NSK Dental distributors worldwide.

For more information on NSK rotary instruments, visit www.nskdental.com.

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