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VEGA Oral Care Products Promote Healing


VEGAPublic interest in natural products for dental care is on the rise. Many dental surgeries require patients to take opioids and steroids after surgery; however, patients are now looking for safe, effective and natural alternatives. Designed to minimize patient discomfort and accelerate wound healing, StellaLife (305-788-8555; StellaLife.com) VEGA Oral Care products are natural and formulated as an adjunctive therapy for pre- and postsurgical treatment. The patented solution is proven to accelerate healing and reduce pain, bruising and swelling, and can significantly reduce the need for narcotic pain medications (such as opioids) and steroids.

Natural, nonstaining, sugar-free, opioid-free and gluten-free, the StellaLife VEGA Oral Care lineup includes an antimicrobial rinse, sublingual (pain-relief) spray, and topical gel — all made in the USA.

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