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University of the Pacific School of Dentistry Launches Center for Innovation and Translation to Expand Clinical Research Partnerships


close up of scientistThe University of the Pacific’s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry has launched the Center for Innovation and Translation to drive new clinical research partnerships supporting oral and overall health in the United States and beyond. The center will bring together internal and external collaborators to develop innovative practices and translate clinical research to improve oral healthcare.

The school’s location in the San Francisco Bay area places it in the heart of many emerging technologies, including big data, biotechnology and artificial intelligence. The center will launch pilot initiatives and clinical research to drive evidence for larger, better-informed, and more significant translational and clinical studies.

The center will also host a “Biobank” to facilitate a new era of patient sampling and clinical assessment and investigation for global academic and commercial access. Work will include big-data analysis to find links between oral and general health, and the use of salivary diagnostics to improve the ability to diagnose and treat oral and systemic conditions.

The center is directed by Rebecca Moazzez, BDS, MSc, PhD, FDSRCS (Eng), FDSRCS (Rest), MRD, a professor and chair of the school’s Department of Preventive and Restorative Dentistry. An advisory board is being formed that will include school leaders, representatives of research organizations, commercial companies and public stakeholders. Companies and individuals interested in getting involved with the center’s clinical research activities or advisory board are invited to contact Moazzez at rmoazzez@pacific.edu or 415-780-2068.

To learn more, visit the Center for Innovation and Translation website.

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