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Male Fertility Temporarily Hindered by COVID-19 Infection


Researchers in Belgium discovered that some men who had recovered from COVID-19 experienced lower sperm counts and reduced sperm motility up to 3 months after the infection had resolved. The semen itself, however, did not carry any risk of transmitting SARS-CoV-2. Out of 35 male participants—who had all recovered from a symptomatic COVID-19 illness—60% experienced a decline in sperm motility and 37% saw a decrease in sperm numbers within 30 days post-COVID-19. Of the 34 participants who were tested 60 days after resolution of the infection, motility  was reduced in 28% and lower than normal sperm counts remained in 6%. The study was published in Fertility and Sterility. More research is underway to confirm the impact of COVID-19 on male fertility. Click here to read more.

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