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DenMat Develops a Caries-Resistant Composite Material


DenMat LogoDenMat Holdings has received a patent for a caries-resistant composite material. Issued in October, the patent allows DenMat to forge ahead in creating a disruptive platform that can be applied to virtually any restorative material where strength, esthetics, and long-term clinical success are important.

“DenMat was founded in 1974 on the basis of providing innovative products to dental practices worldwide. We continue that tradition and expand on it by investing in disruptive and innovative platforms. We are excited about leveraging this caries-resistant composite technology in our development of new dental products and materials,” says DenMat CEO David Casper. “Dentistry is experiencing a wave of disruptive technology that benefits dentists and provides superior clinical outcomes. As a recognized leader in dental material manufacturing, we are well positioned to lead the way with new, innovative platforms.”

DenMat expects to launch the first product in this new category of restorative materials in the first quarter of 2022.

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