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Clear Aligner Patient Need Discovered in New Consumer Research

OrVance LLC has completed a consumer research project to learn more about orthodontic patient needs related to pain and abrasions. 


GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN – January 16, 2020 – OrVance LLC has completed a consumer research project to learn more about orthodontic patient needs related to pain and abrasions. 

The project studied 766 purchases of traditional dental wax to learn why orthodontic patients purchase dental wax. According to Ron Schutt, CEO of OrVance, “By far the biggest discovery from this research is there is clearly an unmet need in the growing clear aligner segment for relief from pain, irritation, cuts, and abrasions. Even though traditional dental wax is not effective and is not marketed for use with clear aligners, over 20% of the dental wax purchased by patients is to seek protection and relief from the edges of clear aligner trays”.    

Key findings include the following:

  • 36% of purchases of conventional dental wax were for reasons other than the marketed and intended use for “braces”.
  • 20.3% of purchases were for patients in clear aligner treatment. Of the purchases for clear aligner treatment, the top two brands mentioned were Invisalign® (69.1%) and Smile Direct™ (7.4%).
  • 4.2% of consumers stated use for other orthodontic appliances including expanders, lingual brackets, TADs, and retainers.
  • Another substantial unmet need identified was for patients who suffer irritation and sensitivity from broken/sharp teeth or lost fillings, as 9.5% of conventional dental wax purchases were for this purpose.   
  • Consumer comments indicate many patients with clear aligners are not fully informed before treatment about pain and abrasions, and they are not typically provided a solution (e.g. patients mention “going to the drug store” or “Googling the problem” to try to find a solution).  Different from braces, clear aligner patients also indicate that there can often be different areas of irritation with every new tray. Comments also indicate traditional dental wax or “filing the edges” are not effective solutions.

Scott Tyler, DDS, MS, orthodontist/partner at TDR Orthodontics and advisor to OrVance says, “OrthoDots® CLEAR is the only product designed to perform best for all the patient needs identified in this consumer research; by offering a moisture-activated adhesive layer on a clear medical grade silicone that is 19 times more pliable and tear resistant than commodity wax. Plus, OrthoDots® CLEAR provides the aesthetic benefit of transparency over commodity wax, which is of course a feature patients in clear aligner treatment demand. We are proud to be the first to offer a more effective and transparent solution for ALL patients in orthodontic treatment.”

 More information on the performance, aesthetic, quality and compliance benefits of OrthoDots® CLEAR can be found in the white papers at orvance.com. Suppliers and retailers interested in carrying OrthoDots® CLEAR can contact OrVance at sales@orvance.com. 

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