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American Association of Endodontists Launches Advocacy Action Center

A new web-based advocacy center created by the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) has been founded to help amplify the voice of endodontists.


A new web-based advocacy center created by the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) has been founded to help amplify the voice of endodontists. The AAE Advocacy Action Center provides members with resources that empower them to take action on important health policy issues to act on policies that strengthen the specialty and patient health advocacy.

AAE members can access updates on health care matters and the endodontic specialty through the site. Once they learn more about a specific policy issue, AAE members can use the center’s tools to send their members of Congress, and other elected offices, a message about the respective policy matter. The center also houses the association’s position statements, guidelines and treatment standards, and provides information on the organization’s current work — which includes fighting for policies that protect the public from misleading, dangerous claims about endodontic treatment.

Members can read about key issues and act on them by utilizing the Advocacy Action Center, explains Kim FitzSimmons, MBA, chief marketing and communications officer for the AAE. One key issue the association is urging members to act on is S350, the Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act. Endodontists are encouraged to urge their senators to support the act, which would revoke antitrust protections for insurance companies and benefit patients and practitioners by making dental coverage more competitive.

“As the global resource for endodontists, other dental professionals and patients, the AAE advocates for one standard of endodontic practice, an enhanced understanding of the dental specialty, and ensuring the best patient outcomes through treatment planning and referral to specialists when appropriate,” says AAE President Keith V. Krell, DDS, MS, MA. “The AAE’s Advocacy Action Center will help strengthen efforts to support quality care for patients by providing resources that empower AAE members to take action on critical health policy matters.”

The center underscores the organization’s dedication to serving as the voice of its 8000 members to advance the art and science of endodontics. In May 2019, AAE worked closely with Illinois and Iowa state legislators to declare May as Save Your Tooth Month, which celebrates the work endodontists do to save teeth. The organization also launched its 3-year Worth Saving campaign, which explains the importance of saving one’s natural teeth, and helps people find an endodontist in their local area.

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