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ASAP Urgent Dental Care Clinic Opens in Wilmington, North Carolina


WILMINGTON, N.C. – History is being made in Wilmington, North Carolina today. The first strictly “Urgent Dental Care Clinic” in the United States opens in Wilmington, North Carolina on March 23, 2018.

ASAP Urgent Dental Care is staffed by Board Certified Dentists and a professional team equipped to provide patients with excellent care. The Clinic is available seven days a week to provide care, comfort and convenience treating dental emergencies and treating pain exclusively.

Comprehensive emergency dental and oral procedures are not within the scope of practice of emergency rooms and urgent care providers, thus necessitating the need for specific Urgent Care treatment facilities like ASAP Urgent Dental Care. Services provided will include assessment, diagnosis and treatment of urgent dental and oral emergencies.

The landscape of Dental industry has changed completely in recent years. One in six Americans experienced a dental emergency in the past year. A study by the American Dental Association (ADA) found that every 15 seconds a patient comes into an Emergency Room for a dental emergency.

The ADA estimates that 79% of the Emergency Room visits could have been better addressed by a visit to an emergency Dental clinic. The average emergency room cost for dental problems is $750, while not addressing the underlying dental problem.

ASAP is a Fee for Service (FFS) provider only. Payment is due at the time the emergency service is provided.

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