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Oral Health America Honor
s Senator Sherrod Brown


Oral Health America (OHA) is proud to announce Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown as the 2017 Legislative Honoree at its annual Capitol Hill Reception during Advocacy Week.

Senator Brown is renowned for championing policies that improve the health of all children such as CHIP (Children’s’ Health Insurance Program).

Awarded October 3, the Legislative Honoree recognizes leadership in supporting critical healthcare legislation. The Legislative Honoree was established in 2010 as a joint project between OHA and Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait, an initiative of the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA).

Since becoming Senator in January 2007, Senator Brown has met with students, local leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, educators, workers and families across Ohio to find ways to rebuild the economy. He helped pass the historic health care law that makes health insurance more affordable and accessible for American families.

He has also joined with officials and community partners in cities across Ohio to rise to the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper Challenge to expand opportunities for boys and young men of color. Through mentoring relationships and education events, this initiative strives to ensure that all of our young people receive a quality high school education and graduate with the skills and tools needed to advance to postsecondary education or training.

“Senator Brown has been a champion for middle class families for years, committed to social and economic justice,” explained Beth Truett, President and CEO of Oral Health America. “Honoring him as the 2017 Legislative Honoree allows us to thank him for his dedication to CHIP and the children of our nation.”

Advocacy Week, to be held October 2-6, is a major advocacy effort within Oral Health America’s Fall for Smiles campaign, which focuses on the oral health of families. This year’s theme, “Our Families, Our Future: Achieving Oral Health Equity,” seeks to confront oral health disparities by highlighting the dilemma between having equal access to oral health care versus having access to what is needed to ensure an equal opportunity to achieve good oral health outcomes. While the “Fall for Smiles” campaign provides messaging and resources that support maintaining good oral hygiene habits at home, Advocacy Week encourages people to learn and speak out about policies that impact their oral health.

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