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Team Tests New Topical Treatments For Oral Mucosal Conditions


Researchers at the University of Iceland have developed a promising new formulation for the topical treatment of oral mucosal conditions. Their study, “Development of Drugs for Local Treatment of Oral Conditions,” was presented at the 94th General Session & Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research in Seoul, South Korea.

Many medications are available to treat aphthous ulcers, herpes and other oral mucosal conditions. When such treatments are used over long periods, patients may develop intolerance or resistance to these drugs. In the search for new drug formulations, the team tested a series of topical treatments. The clinical trials evaluated a number of formulations, including matrix-metallo-proteinase activity using topical doxycycline for aphthous ulceration, and the antimicrobial monocaprin for herpes. Monocaprin, the researchers discovered, provided anti-candidal activity that was tested on older adults with denture stomatitis. The topical application of doxycycline, it was found, promoted healing of mucosal lesions.

The newly developed drugs are undergoing evaluation and testing using various delivery systems, including drug release time and the formulations’ muco-adhesive capacity.

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