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Kerr TotalCare Partners with OSAP to Promote the Safest Dental Visit™


Program educates stakeholders throughout the dental industry on the importance of infection control.

November 23, 2015. Kerr TotalCare is proud to announce its support for The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) and its Safest Dental Visit™ program. The Safest Dental Visit is a collaborative effort to support an increased commitment to infection control and safety in dentistry. Dental professionals, thought leaders and key influencers across the industry are joining forces to help ensure that every visit is the safest dental visit for patients and providers.

Each stakeholder — clinicians, educators, consultants and dental trade – each have resources specifically tailored to support their role in this vital program.

“Infection control is a critically important topic that touches every dental professional and patient,” said Phil Prentice, Vice President, North American Marketing, Kerr. “The Kerr TotalCare team is proud of our highly effective suite of Infection Prevention products, and this partnership with OSAP allows us to support not only innovation, but education.”

“Kerr TotalCare has been a dedicated OSAP member for nearly two decades,” added Therese Long, Executive Director. “Kerr’s support, which is now at the Super Sponsor level, is particularly vital as we expand the reach of the Safest Dental Visit, our comprehensive program designed to increase commitment to infection control and safety in dentistry. Kerr’s ongoing support of OSAP demonstrates the level of commitment from Kerr TotalCare to infection prevention and to our mutual goal of ensuring that every visit is the safest dental
visit for patients and providers.”

For more information about Kerr TotalCare, visit http://www.kerrdental.com/kerr-totalcare.

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