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Product Profile: Isolite 3 System From Zyris

New device offers isolation and moisture control, plus two lighting modes.


New Device Offers Isolation and Moisture Control, Plus Two Lighting Modes


  • The new Isolite 3 system from Zyris allows clinicians to quickly and easily implement a standard protocol for consistent outcomes in procedures that require isolation and moisture control.
  • Building upon the popularity of earlier versions, Isolite 3 introduces the first-ever amber light integrated into a dental isolation system. This cure-safe lighting option prevents the polymerization of light-cured, resin-based composites, while providing optimal illumination of the oral cavity.
  • Whether choosing the new, cure-safe amber light or traditional white light, clinicians can select from three intensity levels to provide ideal intraoral illumination.
  • The new hose design integrates the control head with the evacuation line into a robust and nondetachable unit that is easy to clean and disinfect. Engineered to improve office efficiency, the system includes a cleaning tip attachment for direct-to-canister or chair cleaning systems.
  • The Isolite 3 also incorporates Liquidmetal into the product design, making the device lighter, yet stronger than previous versions.
  • Also new is the integration of light management technology that utilizes multiple sensors to dynamically manage thermal loads and light output to prevent over heating.
  • For operatories with limited high-volume evacuation ports, the Isolite 3 includes a new intelligent Power Vacuum Base that serves as an adjustable Y-adapter.
  • The Power Vacuum Base can be set to provide suction for the Isolite 3, the Isolite 3 and an accessory, an accessory only, or it can be turned off for cleaning and sterilization.
  • Optionally, the Power Vacuum Base can be connected directly to the power supply in modern dental chairs.
  • Like the Isolite 2 before it, Isolite 3 uses the award-winning mouthpieces that integrate a dual-channel suction, protection for the cheek, tongue and airway, and an integrated bite-block for patient safety and comfort.


Zyris (formerly Isolite Systems) was founded to create positive dental experiences for patients and providers. Thanks to innovative solutions, such as the new Isolite 3 system, dentists, dental assistants and dental hygienists can achieve more predictable outcomes — while improving clinical efficiency, patient safety and comfort — in procedures requiring moisture control and isolation.


From Decisions in Dentistry. September 2018;4(9):44.

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