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Smart Toothbrush Helps Patients Stay Connected

Colgate’s hum electric toothbrush uses smart technology to promote healthier self-care habits.


Have you ever found yourself repeatedly asking your preteen and teen patients, or even your own children, to brush their teeth? If so, introduce them to Colgate’s hum connected toothbrush — you’ll never have to ask again. The hum by Colgate is a smart connected toothbrush that provides real-time data via an app that offers feedback to track progress and improve brushing over time.

The hum by Colgate is so not ho-hum! hum is smart. hum is connected. Designed to make oral hygiene fun and effective, this technology is the culmination of efforts by leading experts to make a routine task like toothbrushing something to smile about.

No matter the reason for your patients’ — or even your own child’s — resistance to oral care, remember that a large part of passing along good habits is practicing good habits yourself. With sonic vibrations up to 30,000 strokes per minute and multiple modes to choose from (normal, sensitive or deep clean), you can be sure your smile will sparkle every time you brush.hum toothbrush

Think of the hum and Its App As Your Patients’ Personal Oral Care Assistant

Think of the hum and its app as your patients’ personal oral care assistant. The brush and app help patients see areas they are missing and uses that information to provide personalized guidance to improve their brushing habits. The sensors in the toothbrush handle connect to the app to provide personalized technique suggestions and guidance on the angle of the brush head and brushing coverage in real time. 

Not only is the app equipped with a timer that encourages patients to persevere until they reach all tooth surfaces, it also shows a brushing summary at the end of each session. These summaries show exactly where they’ve perfected their brushing speed, when they are holding the brush correctly, and where they might be a little off. The hum app-enabled toothbrush can help reinforce your preventive oral care recommendations and assist patients in monitoring their own success while brightening their smiles. Not so ho-hum.

In addition, the hum app offers “smile points” that can be redeemed in the store — right in the app! Patients can earn additional points by testing their oral care knowledge, accepting a brushing streak challenge, and answering dental trivia questions in the Question of the Day feature. So smart. They can even play music on their phone and use the hum by Colgate at the same time so they can brush their teeth to their favorite song. What a great way to begin or end the day!

From Decisions in Dentistry. July 2021;7(7):22.

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