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The Art of Dental Finance and Management

Podcast Hosted by Art Wiederman, CPA.


Decisions in Dentistry is pleased to be the media partner for the popular, insightful and inspiring weekly podcast from dental industry financial expert Art Wiederman, CPA. The podcast, “The Art of Dental Finance and Management,” addresses topics essential to practicing clinicians. Presented in partnership with the Academy of Dental CPAs, each episode will help oral health professionals meet — and exceed — their financial goals. Designed to help grow your practice, you can listen to the podcast here.


Art Wiederman, CPA

Serving dental professionals for 35 years, Art Wiederman, CPA, is director of dental practices for Eide Bailly, one of the nation’s leading CPA firms. With special expertise in dental practice metrics and benchmarks, he oversees a variety of services, including accounting, tax and financial planning, retirement planning, and financial practice management. In addition to his podcast, Wiederman lectures nationally on dental accounting and financial management. He can be reached at awiederman@eidebailly.com.


nottinghamsDavid Lohmann, Apex Dental Partners

As CEO of Apex Dental Partners, David Lohmann, MBA, leads the company’s business development and practice affiliation teams and oversees clinical human resources. Apex is a leading dental support organization (DSO) that offers nonclinical, administrative services to dentists, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best — providing effective and compassionate care. Lohmann’s insights into nonclinical practice management will help interested providers better understand their options, and how they can best partner with a DSO.


Emily Stopper, DDS, Mountain Town Dental

Emily Stopper, DDS, of Mountain Town Dental in West Jefferson, North Carolina, is passionate about helping patients manage obstructive sleep apnea. After having learned how to offer sleep disorder treatment in her practice, she now shares that knowledge with other practitioners. Knowing she can serve more patients by helping more dentists, her Sleep Apnea Revenue Stream Opportunity program will assist dentists in successfully implementing sleep apnea treatment in their practice as well.


Jim Donovan, Eide Bailly

As partner-in-charge of the employee retention credit (ERC) program at Eide Bailly, Jim Donovan, CPA, shares perspective on maximizing funding for practice owners. He explains how to qualify for the ERC program, new rules, and how to calculate available funds. With expertise in tax credits, Donovan helps dentists benefit from federal and state tax incentives that many practices consider essential to remain competitive.


From Decisions in Dentistry. July 2021;7(7):7.

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