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Product Profile: Five clinical solutions from Taub Products

Innovative products serve labs and dental practices.



Five clinical solutions from Taub Products


  • Since the 1930s, Taub Products has been a pioneer in the development of materials for both the dental lab and dental practice. Now, since 2014 alone, Taub has released these esthetic dental products, which artfully bridge the gap between these two markets.
  • FUSION-Zr — Taub’s esthetic resin cement offers self-adhesive properties for permanent cementation of all-ceramic restorations, such as zirconia, lithium disilicate, veneers, inlays, onlays, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and bridges, and metal, titanium and fiber posts.
  • ZERO-G — This dual-cure bio-implant cement is indicated for intermediate- to long-term cementation of implant-retained restorations and provisionals.
  • Impulse Crown and Bridge Remover — Made of medical-grade stainless steel and available in a satin or polished finish, the Impulse comes with two interchangeable tips for easy removal of crowns, bridges, provisionals and splints.
  • Ca-Lok — This flowable, adhesive base/liner is a light-cured, calcium-filled resin that adheres to dentin and offers seamless compatibility to other restoratives. This radiopaque material also releases fluoride.
  • Liquid Magic — Taub’s resin barrier material for implant and cosmetic dentistry is recommended for filling the screw access hole on abutments or screw-retained implant restorations.


Taub understands the need for collaboration between labs and dental practices during treatment planning. Building on the success of its latest products, it is committed to developing innovative solutions that will help raise practitioners’ level of care.

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