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Product Profile: Clearmet Partials from Keystone Industries

Denture Offers Superior Comfort And Function.


Denture Offers Superior Comfort And Function.


  • Designed for superior function, the Clearmet Partial offers the same features as a typical, metal-framed appliance, but also delivers outstanding comfort and additional functionality.
  • Made from a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved, monomer-free, nonporous material that elicits no known allergic reactions, Clearmet Partials are odor-free and bacteria- and stain-resistant.
  • Capable of being relined and repaired in saddle areas, this innovative denture features excellent retentive properties and a frame that’s invisible in the mouth.
  • The clasps are tooth bearing, not tissue bearing, and can easily be adjusted chairside with a warm three-prong plier.

keystone-product-profileBOTTOM LINE

Thanks to an invisible frame and excellent functionality, Clearmet Partials will not only improve oral health, these appliances will also improve lives. A “clear choice” in partial dentures, patients will be more confident than ever in their oral function and appearance.


From Decisions in Dentistry: November 2016 2(11); 51.

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