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Practice Growth Through Innovation Conference Scheduled


AmplifySimplifeye, a leading provider of patient communication and dental practice workflow solutions, has announced that it will host its inaugural AMPLIFY conference May 19 to 21 in Tampa. The conference is designed to help clinicians navigate the fast-changing dental technology landscape and make appropriate investments to grow their practices.

“In this era of transformation that includes potentially staggering innovations such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and Web 3.0, technology decisions will separate practices that thrive from those that merely survive,” says Ryan Hungate, DDS, founder of Simplifeye. The conference features thought leaders from the industry, clinical practice, and the practice management sector who will share perspectives on leveraging technology to achieve practice growth. Details and a complete list of speakers are available at amplifycon.com.

From Decisions in Dentistry. April 2022;8(4)6.

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