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NobelActive from Nobel Biocare

Implant offers esthetics, high primary stability and enhanced osseointegration.


Implant Offers Esthetics, High Primary Stability and Enhanced Osseointegration


  • The NobelActive implant from Nobel Biocare was scientifically designed for long-term stability and tissue preservation that are essential to long-lasting esthetics.
  • Backed by a decade of clinical scrutiny and proven performance, its back-tapered coronal design and built-in platform shifting are engineered to optimize bone and soft tissue volume for excellent esthetics.
  • The expanding tapered implant body condenses bone gradually, while the apex with drilling blades allows a smaller osteotomy.1
  • These features help clinicians achieve high primary stability, even in demanding situations, such as soft bone or extraction sockets. NobelActive enables immediate implant placement and immediate function where it might otherwise prove challenging.2–7
  • Reverse-cutting flutes with drilling blades on the apex enable experienced clinicians to adjust the implant position during placement for optimized restorative orientation, particularly in extraction sites.
  • Featuring hexagonal interlocking, the internal conical connection provides excellent mechanical strength.8 This helps ensure restoration stability and predictable results.
  • The design also allows providers to place implants in areas with limited space; the NobelActive 3.0, for example, is specifically designed for narrow-space situations, such as lower incisors, where conventional implants previously could not be placed.
  • The Wide Platform implant is specifically designed for posterior cases that require a wider base. It helps create a natural-looking emergence profile for the molar crown, and its shorter (7 mm) implant body helps clinicians avoid critical anatomical structures.
  • In addition, it features Nobel Biocare’s unique oxidized TiUnite surface. Offering enhanced osseointegration, it maintains high stability during healing by encouraging fast bone formation, which, in turn, promotes long-term success.


With more than 10 years of successful clinical use, NobelActive supports successful outcomes. Whether faced with soft bone, extraction sockets or the esthetic region, clinicians and patients will benefit from its high primary stability. This makes it a suitable choice for demanding indications and protocols, such as immediate implant placement and immediate function.

Important Safety Information: See the website for instructions for use and full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions. For professional use only.



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From Decisions in Dentistry. October 2018;4(10):49.

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