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FAQ: Ionolux, IonoStar Molar and IonoStar Plus from VOCO

New glass ionomers offer composite-like handling and esthetics.



What are the clinical benefits of VOCO’s new generation of glass ionomer restoratives?

voco-productsCompared to traditional glass ionomers, VOCO’s innovative Ionolux, IonoStar Molar and IonoStar Plus offer nonsticky, composite-like handling, immediate packability and enhanced physical properties. They also come in a new, direct-activation application capsule that speeds chairtime. Ionolux, for example, is formulated to deliver outstanding esthetics without the need for an adhesive, thus improving the quality of care — especially for older adult and pediatric patients. Additionally, VOCO uses specially developed glass that ensures maximum fluoride release and translucency. Each of the company’s glass ionomers utilizes a pure form of polyacrylic acid that promises outstanding bond strength without the need for a dentin conditioner. Together, these attributes help improve outcomes, as well as the provider and patient experience.vovo-table

What are the differences between Ionolux, IonoStar Molar and IonoStar Plus?

Featuring high compressive strength for long-lasting restorations, Ionolux is VOCO’s light-cured resin modified glass ionomer that boasts enhanced physical properties and composite- like esthetics. IonoStar Molar is VOCO’s regular-set glass ionomer, while IonoStar Plus is a fast-set material that delivers maximum fluoride release, plus optimal marginal adaptability and fluorescence. In addition, IonoStar Molar’s consistency can be adjusted (from soft to stiff) to suit clinician preference when shaping and contouring.

How has VOCO simplified the application of these advanced glass ionomer restoratives?

From an application standpoint, VOCO has engineered user-friendly glass ionomer restoratives that reduce the typical 13 to 15 steps to a manageable four to six steps. Beyond clinical efficiencies and faster chairtime, this greatly reduces the chance of technique errors that might compromise outcomes.

VOCO’s glass ionomers are a powder-and-liquid mix that require activation, trituration and direct application into the restoration. Besides reducing procedural time, the new direct-activation application capsule eliminates the need for an activator gun. Additionally, the capsule’s size and shape facilitates placement in hard-to-reach areas, further simplifying the clinical experience.

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Featured photo courtesy of ISMA GOLTZ, DR MED DENT

From Decisions in Dentistry. December 2016:2(12);50.

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