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Easy Way to Help Patients Achieve Optimal Oral Health

The clinician-recommended Colgate Professional Direct program connects patients with the right oral hygiene products for them.


Sponsored by Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals

Do all your patients follow your recommendations to improve their oral health? Do your patients make sure they have a soft toothbrush, toothpaste that prevents caries or is antibacterial, a mouthrinse specific for their needs, and then use them? I can hear you sigh, no.

This is one of the most frustrating aspects of our profession. We want to help our patients achieve health, and we have knowledge and expertise to share with them — but we still end up giving the same oral health recommendations on their next appointment.

Woman in dental chairThere are many reasons for this lack of adherence to your recommendations. For example, patients may not follow through with your thoughtful advice because they simply forget what you said. This can easily be remedied with Colgate Professional Direct, an online program that facilitates your oral hygiene conversation with patients. You can recommend patient-specific products to use at home, such as a serum for dentinal hypersensitivity, dry-mouth rinse, multibenefit toothpaste or, if they want, a whitening toothpaste — and these can all be delivered directly to their home at a discount. They no longer have to remember your recommendations since you will be selecting the recommended products from an online platform while chairside with the patient right there. Your patient then receives an email with a list of your recommended products. After registering and paying (currently offered at a discount) for those items, the products are sent directly to their home. They no longer need to worry about seeing empty shelves at the store, and they no longer need to go to the store. During the pandemic, the ability to have essentials delivered to your home is a benefit in itself.

Mina C. Kim, DDS, who has been using Colgate Professional Direct, says, “I think this is a great resource and a way for doctors to stay connected with patients after visits. I typically recommend products for my patients, and rather than have them choose from a myriad of products, I can specify a quality product that is right for them.”

Colgate Professional Direct gives your patients an easy and painless way to remember your oral hygiene recommendations. Go to pro.colgatedirect.com to see for yourself.

From Decisions in Dentistry. September 2020;6(8):10.

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