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Clinical Insights: An Aesthetic Solution to Bulky Problems

This unique and efficient technique creates natural-looking direct restorations with a new bulk fill, single shade flowable


Composite resins have improved physical and aesthetic properties, enabling practitioners to create restorations with exceptional longevity and results. As an integral part of contemporary restorative dental practice, composite restorations may be referred to as the “stars of minimal invasion” due to their conservative concept and low cost.

FIGURE 1. A carious lesion has developed around the existing composite restoration.

Many dentists find direct composite placement challenging, particularly when it comes to creating anatomical landmarks and contours as well as selecting the precise shade of composite. The technique demands artistic skill and a considerable investment of time and effort.

In addition, many composite manufacturers propose a multilayer protocol that requires placing an assortment of opacities and translucencies to create a natural, polychromatic effect, which can be complicated and time-consuming. As a result, many dentists have adopted simpler methods and materials that involve creating restorations with only one shade of composite.

FIGURE 2. A base of OMNICHROMA Flow BULK is placed.

Teeth have a polychromatic appearance with a great variety of shades and nuances that are interpreted by the human eye. To mimic the natural gradient effect, dentists learn to apply multiple composite shades in different areas of the tooth. However, enamel is somewhat translucent and colorless. It appears polychromatic because of the reflection of the dentin through various thicknesses of enamel in different areas of the tooth. A single shade composite of various thicknesses will present with a significant difference in chroma, value, and masking capabilities.

To address these concerns, Tokuyama Dental America developed the first universal composite in 2019 that offers one shade to match any patient and almost any case. OMNICHROMA is the first use of structural color in composite dentistry as the main color mechanism. There are no added dyes or pigments, and the fillers themselves generate red-to-yellow color, which blends seamlessly with the color of the surrounding tooth.

OMNICHROMA Flow BULK, the latest addition to the OMNICHROMA composite family, is a one-shade bulk fill composite capable of shade-matching any tooth color from A1 to D4. It is a low viscosity, light-cured material that can be placed in 3.5 mm increments (Figures 1-3). It offers clinicians a new bulk fill restorative option and a different viscosity to choose from, in addition to saving time and money.

FIGURE 3. The final restoration.

Indications include direct anterior and posterior restorations, cavity base or liner, repair of porcelain/composite, and blocking out cavity undercuts before fabricating indirect restorations. OMNICHROMA Flow BULK offers excellent color matching, shade matching both before and after bleaching, high polishability, and top-notch physical-mechanical properties inherited from ESTELITE. The material provides streamlined restorative process, simplified inventory management, and reduction of unused composite waste, in addition to preventing the risk of being short-stocked on a shade.

In my practice, I have found OMNICHROMA Flow BULK to be a versatile material capable of treating many of my restorative needs, including deep interproximal boxes, sealants, and traditional class 3, 4, and 5 restorations. Class 1 restorations are restored with ease and speed, allowing the base of the restoration to be filled up to 3.5 mm in depth.





From Decisions in Dentistry. June 2023;9(6):22.

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